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  signed an advertising deal with aiu4stds "Arab International University Students Forum - Syria"

signed an advertising deal with mo3aq-news " A handicapped association in Middle East region"

One of the top leaders and highest marketing share in SYRIA as a web hosting provider: Reference:

All local competitors chart:


MAY 2010 January 2010 December 2009

UCG market share has been increased to 7.3316 %.

UCG Announcement "Networking Services": Some of UCG services may not suite your country local low.
UCG, Respect local lows and may cancel your order or contract unless you provide us with the required approvals.

Till 5th-Jun-2010 UCG Will host your business with 500 MB "IH3" for free.

UCG Has Just Released V1.5 of UCG-PushM@iL, More information at:

Jan 2010 Offers: UCG Will host your business with 500 MB for FREE during 1st,Jan - 15th,Jan 2010.

* Current customers may renew their current packages with discount of 50%.


UCG Ad. "Advertising Department" expect 30% revenues during the first quarter of 2010.

UCG-SYR Devoted about 10,000$ for giving a hand to all none-profit organizations and web developers students by offering a semi-Free services for them.

OQiis co. market share has been increased to 4.943 %

OQiis co. Become a member of

OQiis co. international market share percentage decreased a bit "0.293%" according to the International Financial Crisis.

OQiis co. Work Group Manager, Expect a huge market share jump before 2010, according to the OQiis co. investments on mass-media and new marketing strategies.

OQiis co. received a Thankful message from the Regional Security Internet Association "RSIA-ME" as a reward, Regarding to OQiis co. efforts in reducing regional attacks.

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