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UCG is a copyrighted and registered trademark in the field of communications, IT and web services providing. It has currently two locations in the Middle East: one in the United Arab Emirates and the other in Syria. The company was first founded in June 1997 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The company got expanded and established a growing branch in Damascus, Syria during June 2004.


UCG Vision & Mission:

UCG was born from the absolute growing importance of communications, the ever dynamic “Information Technology” field and the essentials of security. UCG knows and understands the magnitude of complications and difficulties of entrepreneurial companies facing the technological and professional establishment. The amount of competition on national and international levels has become increasingly high. The goal of many corporations today is to find the best means to become technologically efficient and secure through the use of the internet and other computer systems based on applications. From both UAE and Syria, the UCG adopted the “end user” culture to enlighten and educate end users in how to improve their web usage and networking technologies. Well awared of global trends and local development, UCG is one of the developmental tool that many companies have benefited from, in order to facilitate new adaptable technologies, according to the geographical region. Since 2004, UCG have been continuously working hard to enhance the Arabic web content, and to implement international technologies and standards into that region.

Where are the UCG networks available?


In fact, our global services have no fixed place. In other words, we are your neighbors wherever you are. UCG networks starts from the most famous data center in the US called AtlantaNap; Atlanta’s newest large scale datacenter. After 12 years in the internet business, the powerful AtlantaNap datacenter was well developed and engineered by its famous owner: the Global Net Access.
UCG networks consist in several self managed servers under our racks, powered by the spreading resources technology.


SRT: Spreading Resources Technology:


UCG founded the "SRT- Spreading Resources Technology" in June 2008. The hybrid technology mixes virtualization and de-virtualization. This new technology allows multi web servers to share and manage resources. SRT also allows the servers to work on minimal available resources and then, dynamically spread up resources usage referring to “UCG – IEEE Paper Oct 2008”. For example, the UCG Network starts with two CPUs and easily spread itself up to eight CPUs per HN.

Why UCG?


UCG is proud to be using the state-of-art methods and technologies available in the world. We are specialized in information and communications technologies. We understand our client’s needs through our numerous years of experience. Our business target is to vary specifications in a successful manner to present the required results. Our several services include: Web hosting for individuals, Web hosting resellers, Virtual private servers, Dedicated servers, domain names registration “gTLDs, ccTLDs” adding some special local extensions - .AE .SY .COM.SA .SA.COM .US .UK …”, HD shout casting, SSL, System development, Servers Management, Services handlers optimization, Networking and Infrastructure, Security solutions, Smart designs, effective e-Advertising campaigns, etc.

If you are looking for the best informatics options, communications and development corroborator, so we represent what you are asking for. We have the ability to develop your project and give you integrated solutions without spending a fortune. It's the right time for you to believe in UCG and its limitless benefits with low cost including effective services.


UCG Market-share:


UCG is the 3rd hosting provider in Syria, 9th in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) area.


UCG Project samples:


- UCG-Pushm@il
- Family Tree builder
- GPS GUI Fleet Manager
- Online Store B2B
- Joomla CMS “Optimized”


UCG Green Technology:


    Using SRT makes life GREEN. While others are running large machines to serve a few customers or small businesses, we are running lower power consuming devices through SRT. This technology allows our network to start effectively from “150 watts” (similar to the power consumption of your laptop) up to a maximum of “350 watts” (similar to the power of your office desktop). Imagine a server plant that can serve more than 2000 customers with an average of “250 watts”, it is a reality through our SRT.

  • Working with AtlantaNAP “The most GREEN Data Center”
    When Data Centers were first built, no one ever thought much about things like energy efficiency and environmental impact. But AtlantaNAP helped in changing this fact. Meanwhile servers still require a significant power supply, a carefully maintained indoor environment, and fail-safe backup systems; AtlantaNAP developed new ways to do it all in a more sustainable way (visit for more information).

UCG Co-operations & Memberships:


UCG is not a non-profit establishment neither an organization, but from its cradle, UCG works with multiple organizations.

  • Member of the most important engineering organizations “ ”, and has been an active member of IEEE for multiple years. Our Group offers special discounts for all IEEE members.
    Member in Linux distribution board, “The most important operating system (OS) community”, and is also an active development group in Linux “ ”.

  • UCG assists and participates in assisting many local non-profit organizations and charities such as:

  • Member of ISIC “International Student Identity Card”, we offer special prices for all ISIC members.

  • UCG offers special prices for all IT or engineering students in Syria and the UAE in “non-profit projects”.

  • We assist and participate in educational programs in several Universities and Institutes.

  • UCG accomplishes credit training in cooperation with several Universities and Institutes such as “Private Universities & UN IT institutes”.


UCG Client Samples:


UAE & SA: VDO-Siemens - CATERPILLAR-Generators - Takyeef Factory LLC – FMSi – Much more …
SYR: SISC - AAMAL ORG - M&M Oils - TPC Group - ALSAFIR Hotels – Much more …

We give the best care to our customers concerning the quality of our services. In other words, we provide to all, without making any difference, the same VIP treatment with fixed prices suitable to everyone.



UCG Timeline:






2010 ...

Work Group established as “AE Eagles”

OQiis co. Established as a Networking and a web designing Group.

X10-TION established as OQiis co. Dedicated Servers Pool Name. Assigned as Syrian Web Hosting Provider.

UCG, United Communication Group established. Registered at the communications field in Syria.

UCG, is one of the top leading Web Hosting Providers in Syria and UAE.

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